133,567 BACKAPCK OFFER - stock lot offer
  3 styles available:  hearts, circle, orange design  
  Quantity:  circle -38,040 units made of 100% Polyester  
  hearts - 25,219 units made of 100% Cotton  
  orange design - 70,308 units made of 100% Polyester  
  Packing list available  
  Each backpack has UPC's sewn into the labels  
  Retails price at US $ 14.96 / unit  
  Location: Southern California  
  Backpack size: heart and circle style are 15"w x 19"t, orange design is 15"w x 16"t  
  No restriction on sale  
  No price tags on backpack  
  It's overstock sale  
  Lead testing available with purchase  
  Price : FOB location