Solar lantern


                     Model:  JH-102





                                         Item No.: JH-102
32pcs high bright white LEDs of more than 150 lumens
 ● 3.5W Monocrystalline silicon solar panel
 ● 6V 4.5AH sealed maintenance free lead acid battery
 ● MCU controlled circuit for more protection as follows: No Load Protection, Short Circuit, Reverse Polarity, Reverse Flow Protection, Battery Low Voltage Cut Off circuit, Battery Over Charge Cut Off circuit, Battery Temperature Compensation Circuit
 ● Battery low voltage cut off indicator LED of Red color and Green LED for charging indication
 ● Idle current is less than 1MA
 ● 1A fuse for easy changing if happened short circuit
 ● Appealing Aesthetic of Luminaries
 ● Long life for LEDs of more than 100,000 Burning Hours
 ● Weather proof
ABS plastic case body
 ● Customer could choose to add FM radio function or DC output for mobile phone charging function